Containers and More by Kathryn

Kathryn Pufahl, founder of Beds & Borders, Inc, and a leader in the green industry, lost her battle with cancer and died October 13, 2003. Kathryn received national recognition for her container designs but one of the things we admired most about Kathryn was the vision she brought to building Beds & Borders. She was a tireless promoter of gardening with unusual plants in creative ways. Kathryn was always focused on how to use well known, unusual, and new plant varieties in the garden, and then educating and sharing those ideas.

Kathryn was a pioneer in the horticultural industry because she wasn't afraid to do something different. She wasn't worried so much about shelf life and shipping ability. She wanted to know how well the plants would do in the garden. She used old plants in new ways as well - like Ipomoea or Coleus.

Kathryn worked her way through this vast and untapped wellspring of annuals and tender perennials that had been flying below the radar of all but the most ambitious plants people.

Anyone who met Kathryn knew she was true and real. She knew what she was doing. She wanted to change the world. She was successful. And her success wasn't just in creating beautiful containers, or finding and popularizing great plants, though she certainly did all that and more. Neither was it in developing a business model that inspired others to follow in her footsteps. Her greatest success has been an awakening in us all to that sense of passion and wonder in each plant, that brought us into the garden in the first place.

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