Beds & Borders Inc. is a wholesale nursery on the North Fork of Long Island. It was founded in 1987 by the late Kathryn Pufahl. Since then Beds and Borders has grown from a single hoop house operation to a 15-acre state of the art facility.

From inception, we succeeded in building our business on making unusual and underused plants accessible. Through Kathy’s work with container gardening, she helped launch these annuals onto a national platform; where they’ve since gained much popularity.

We continue to provide a diverse and evolving plant list. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are committed to providing the highest level of quality. From our handcrafted designs to the health of every individual plant we tirelessly strive to create a truly handcrafted product.

Our Company Values and Ethics statement is the cornerstone for all new and existing initiatives and interpersonal work. We have updated this statement to include the following:

Diversity & Inclusion- We believe the well-being of all is rooted in valuing diversity and inclusion in the ecology of plants, landscapes, people, and communities.

Regenerative Action- We strive to have the impact of our actions be a part of a process of renewal and restoration to our earth and community. Creating a place for life to thrive not just survive.

Non-Violence- We actively resist systems of violence, oppression, and abuses of power. We work towards creating systems of harm and trauma reduction.

Justice- We believe in accountability for actions of harm and implementation of steps towards reparations and restitution.

Empowerment- Our interpersonal work is empowering, evolving, and educational. Its foundations are in equanimity and compassion for all beings.


The work of becoming Anti-Racist, and eradicating White Supremacy starts in our homes, communities, and workplaces. We feel it is our responsibility as an organization to; examine and learn the ways we have caused harm and how we can do better in the future, to make a lifetime commitment of working towards greater equality and justice, and to follow through with ongoing actionable plans. 

The focus has always been promoting unusual plants and the unique ways of utilizing them.

We grow a diverse and ever-evolving list of annuals, perennials, tropicals, and house plants. Our selections are made up of proven garden performers and unusual varieties, all in a versatile pallet of blues, pastels, and rich jeweled tones.

We also offer an unmatched selection of artfully designed combination plantings. Our Seasonal Gift Items, Hanging Garden Collection and Container Collections are all professionally designed, trialed vigorously, and thoughtfully branded.

In loving memory of our founder Kathryn Pufahl, we donate all proceeds from the purchase of the plant Petunia integrifolia TNT to the ‘The Kathryn Pufahl Pediatric IBD Research Fund’ a cause that was near and dear to Kathy’s heart.

These genetically unique petunia seeds are collected, named, and exclusively sold at beds and borders.

All donations can be made to:
The Kathryn Pufahl Pediatric IBD Research Fund
PO BOX 1656
5 East 98th Street
New York, NY 10029

Ask for us at your local Garden Center.

See our plants in high profile plantings at Botanical Gardens and Municipalities throughout New York City and the Northeast.

Come visit our greenhouses (wholesale only) and garden center in Laurel.

600 Laurel Lane

Laurel, NY 11948